Mechanical expansion coupling
Series 260 (mechanically activated) 

with continuous aluminium leafs

The Vorwald expansion couplings of the Series 260 with continuous aluminium expansion leafs are very robust. They are suitable for cores made of cardboard, aluminium, plastic and steel with the standard diameters of 70, 76.2, 100, 120, 150 and 152.4 mm. The expansion couplings of the Series 260 are based on the functional principle of the inclined plane, i.e. by actuation of a lock nut or hexagonal nut a cone is pushed under the expansion leafs, pressing them outwards. Depending on the tightening torque, the expansion coupling can transmit a greater or smaller torque.

A further advantage of this very simple clamping solution is the concentric clamping of the cores on the leafs, which permits higher winding speeds. When the clamping nut is released, spiral springs pull the leafs back to their original position.

The chief application field of this expansion coupling is where the demands are relatively low to medium and where costs have to be kept to a minimum.


  • Surface protection
    (nickel plating, anodising, chrome
    plating, and many others)
  • Various different bearings are possible
  • Actuation by hook spanner
    or open ended spanner
  • Special dimensions
    are available on inquiry


  • Very quick conversion
    to other core diameters
  • Simple handling
  • Concentric clamping
  • Take-up bore according
    to customer specification
  • No clamping force loss
  • Favourable price solution

    The standard sizes are
    70, 76.2, 100, 120, 150 and 152.4 mm.