Pneumatic expansion coupling
Series 605 (pneumatically activated) 

with expansion ring

The Vorwald expansion couplings of the Series 605 with an expansion ring made of polyurethane are an extremely light and robust design. They are suitable for cores made of cardboard, aluminium, plastic or steel with an internal diameter in the range from 150 to 152.4 mm. The expansion couplings of the Series 605 feature very low weight of the coupling and a very high torque transmission of 600 Nm/coupling. The expansion coupling is available with and without core stop collar. This has the advantage of consistent positioning of the core in the rewind or unwind station. Furthermore, several expansion couplings can be mounted on one carrier shaft and connected to each other with a spiral bladder for compressed air. The expansion couplings of the Series 605 should be filled with compressed air only once cores have been pushed on. Otherwise the expansion ring could be damaged.

The chief application field for this expansion coupling is where there are small variations in core internal diameters.


  • Surface protection (nickel plating,
    anodising, chrome plating,
    and many others)
  • Connection of several
    couplings with spiral bladder
  • With and without core stop collar


  • Simple handling
  • High torque transmission of 600 Nm/coupling
  • Take-up bore according
    to customer specification

    The standard sizes are
    150 and 152 mm.