Pneumatic expansion coupling
Series SPA (pneumatically activated) 

with individual expansion ledges

Vorwald expansion couplings with expansion ledges are based on the proven construction of the Series A expansion shaft. The expansion ledges are free moving. A hard-wearing, seamless bladder is seated in each expansion coupling, giving long service life even under the most difficult operating conditions. The internal bladder is designed for a permanent load of 6 bar. The Vorwald expansion couplings are an economical alternative for the conventional mechanical constructions utilised for printing labels. The expansion coupling can be utilised in both winding directions and permits secure clamping both with regard to safe torque transmission as well as securing against axial displacement.

The coupling body is made of aluminium and is easy to handle, even with larger diameters, by virtue of its simple construction. The expansion ledges are in compartments and can expand/impand without any problems, by virtue of their freedom of movement.

The construction permits larger internal diameters than comparable designs, so that the couplings can be mounted on larger rods or winding shafts. The standard version is attached with a clamping ring. Flange versions are available too.


  • Surface protection
    (nickel plating, anodising,
    chrome plating, and many more)
  • Version suitable for
    the foodstuffs industry
  • Various materials of the
    expansion ledges available
  • Flange version
  • Special dimensions are
    available on inquiry


  • Very quick conversion
    to other core diameters
  • Small weight of the coupling
  • Simple handling
  • Take-up bore according
    to customer specification

    The standard sizes are 70, 76,
    100, 150 and 152 mm