Pneumatic friction shaft Series 404 

with friction rings

Vorwald friction shafts of the Series 404 are recommended for winding processes with longitudinal web cutting of narrow and stretch-sensitive products.

The friction shafts permit exact compliance with the tensional force specification, even with difficult materials. During the winding process the friction ledges are pressed from the inside by compressed air bladders against the friction rings. This applies the same torque, which can be varied by adjusting the pneumatic pressure to each friction ring. This required pressure can be calculated, for example by a diameter sensing system, and applied to the friction shaft via a continuous air feed system. The web tension that then builds up clamps each core centrally by the friction ring and holds it securely until the end of the winding process. An overspeed of the friction shaft of at least 3% is necessary to sustain the web tension. Since there is no relative movement between the core and the friction ring, no dust is produced by abrasion.

The carrier body is made of chrome plated steel with a ground surface. The shaft journals are also made of steel and manufactured according to the customer specifications.

The described friction shaft is available in the standard sizes of 70, 76.2, 150 and 152.4 mm diameter. Intermediate sizes are also possible on inquiry.


  • Shaft ends can be designed as flange or as a round journal
  • Also suitable for safety chucks
  • Reduced weight variant possible for larger diameters
  • Special dimensions are possible on inquiry


  • Short set-up times for reel changing
  • Low maintenance
  • Various friction ring designs available
  • Large range of different reel widths can be wound on the same shaft
  • Shaft body is chrome plated and ground
  • No dust produced by the core due to friction