Special form Series L 

with continuous expansion leafs

The Vorwald expansion shafts of the Series L were developed for applications where flexibility is required as well as for use with thin walled cores when deformations could lead to problems. The obvious advantage of the expansion leafs is the continuous clamping over the entire length of the inside surface of the core. The outer surface of the leafs is available in smooth or lengthwise grooved versions, or as combination. The outer and inner leafs are connected with DIN screws, enabling easy quick replacement.

In particular the version LG with a fixed expansion leaf permits improved true running and clamping of the winding material when winding without a core.

For the standard leaf version the leaf length is chosen to ensure easy servicing, because the journal screw fitting is freely accessible as for the Series A.

The tight tolerances of the shaft/journal connection in combination with the fixing screws ensures trouble-free operation. The modular shaft construction permits, replacement of the shaft journals without any machining by the customer, provided that the outer shaft diameter is identical. In serial production the shaft body is made of steel, but other materials are possible depending on the required load ratings.

In standard production the leafs are made of aluminium. However, smooth or knurled steel leafs are available on request.

Replacement of the inner assembly is possible within a very short time, by releasing and removing one journal end.


  • Version with smooth or lengthwise grooved expansion leafs
  • WR Extended expansion range
  • LG With web start clamping
  • Special dimensions
    are possible on inquiry


  • Suitable for winding without core
    and for thin walled cores
  • Simple construction according to the modular design principle
  • Very short repair times

    Available shaft diameters
    from 40 to 300 mm