Expansion shaft pullers 

for Vorwald shafts and other brands

Vorwald shaft pullers (EA) are utilised in numerous different versions in all branches of the paper, plastic, metal foil and laminate materials processing industries. Constantly increasing reel weights and dimensions, automated production sequences and stricter regulations regarding work safety have led to the increasing replacement of manual handling of expansion shafts by automated shaft pullers. Shaft handling devices serve for pulling the expansion shafts out of the finished reel and for introducing them into the core. Further functions such as automated core loading from the core magazine or pick up and removal transportation of the finished reel, are available and can be included as one complete turn-key package. 

Constructional forms
The two standard constructional forms described below are offered for the expansion shaft handling system using the cantilever principle.

1. Travelling machine
Consisting of a machine bed with linear guides. A travelling machine stand is mounted on this machine bed. A clamping shaft take up plate is attached to the stand. When the finished reel has been put aside, the stand moves towards the expansion shaft, clamps the shaft journal and pulls out the expansion shaft continuously without jolts. The height adaptation can take place from the shaft puller or from the reel depositing table. After the reel has been transported away (e.g. with a prism trolley), the shaft is equipped with a new core and the shaft puller then returns the expansion shaft in front of the machine or into the shaft magazine. The chief feature of this version is that the shaft puller performs the clamping function and the travel movement.

2. Stationary version
Consisting of a stationary machine stand with expan­­sion shaft take-up plate. The finished reel is deposited on a prism trolley in front of the shaft puller. The height adaptation is performed either by the shaft puller or by the prism lifting trolley. The shaft puller performs only the expansion shaft holding function. The shaft is pulled out by the reel trolley driven by an electric motor. The choice between versions will depend on which is the most economic solution in all the circumstances of each case. Which one of the two versions brings the economically most efficient result must be decided individually for each project. The best solution is often dictated by the available space or by the material flow of the finished reel.

3. Special version
In special cases or in the case of very heavy expansion shaft weights we can also offer a machine deviating from the standard solutions described here. Please inquire. We are pleased to assist you with advice and service already in your project planning phase.

Options for Vorwald Shaft Pullers

  • Semi-automatic or fully automated operation with PLC
  • Take up plate for customised expansion shafts
  • Take up plate for two expansion shafts (aluminium separator)
  • Prism lifting table with or without travel system

System supplementations

  • Automatic reel feed
  • Automatic core magazine
  • Automatic shaft take over facility
  • Automatic prism lifting table/prism under floor trolley
    with running gear and reel ejection device

Features and advantages 

  • Many years of experience in handling expansion shafts
  • The modular design system permits adaptation to actual requirements, from handling a small 50 kg expansion shafts to the shaft weighing many tons for a paper machine
  • Gentle hydraulic expansion of the shaft journals, with support when required
  • Automated venting of the expansion shaft
  • Hydraulic lifting stroke with overload protection function protects the expansion shaft journals against deformation
  • Vertical axis with roller rail system without play permits absolutely horizontal pull-out and feed-in of the expansion shafts
  • Continuous jolt-free accelerations protect the expansion shaft - and reduce machine wear
  • Easy operator controls manually/semi-automatically/ fully automated, adapted to the customer requirements
  • Interface adaptation to the existing machine is possible by incorporating a PLC
  • Economically efficient by virtue of short reproducible working cycles
  • Utilisation of proven brand components for hydraulics, drive and roller rail system ensures many years of economic and reliable operation
  • Complete planning, production, and assembly tocustomer acceptance test on own premises
  • Production complying - with DIN ISO 9001
  • Best service and quick parts availability through the powerful Neuenhauser organisation