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Specific solutions for our customers

Chucks for clever solutions

As an experienced manufacturer of expansion elements, we also produce appropriate expansion chucks for each application. The expansion chucks enable rewinding and unwinding without shafts. Their significant advantages include high torque transmission and their extensive true running accuracy. Various options such as special dimensions can be implemented to meet customers' requirements.


We also develop mechanical adapters for pushing onto existing expansion shafts or expansion chucks. These are used if frequent switches between various core diameters are required.



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Mechanical expansion chuck
Appropriate options
831 series

The 831 series expansion chucks are suitable for rewinding and unwinding machines in which the required clamping force is applied by axial displacement of the expansion chuck support. Various expansion lug types are available for the mechanical expansion chucks.

Product data sheet
Mechanical expansion chuck
Exactly right
841 series

Manufactured customer-specifically according to the modular construction principle, the 841 series expansion chucks are suitable for shaftless rewinding and winding machines with medium torques. The expansion lugs are expanded centrally using a transverse clamping piece.

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Mechanical expansion chuck
Hand shell
834 Rollmatic © series

The 834 Rollmatic series is used in unwinders without shafts. The surface of the steel leaves enables maximum possible torque transmission in the case of cardboard, steel and plastic cores. The expansion chuck expands by means of the existing web tension.

Product data sheet
Mechanical expansion chuck
Extensive application
860/861 series

The Vorwald 860/861 series expansion chucks with individual expansion lugs or expansion leaves can be used universally. Thanks to their simple, compact design, they offer a long service life. Expansion is carried out pneumatically/mechanically.

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Mechanical expansion chuck
Always reliable
811 series

The standard expansion chucks can be used in almost all winding processes. Their practical design enables fast and simple handling with a long service life. Activation via an external push-rod.

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Mechanical adapter
Fast adaptation
900 series

The 900 series mechanical adapters are the best option when switching frequently between various core sizes. They are manufactured according to our proven modular construction principle to meet the specific requirements.

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