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A practical principle

Simply strong

In the A, 403, L, MB and 409 series, we manufacture pneumatic expansion shafts for use in all areas of the paper or plastics processing industries. With high robustness, the expansion shafts are simultaneously characterised by their low dead weight and simple design according to the modular construction principle. This enables simple exchange of shaft journals and quick repairs.


Find out more about the specific advantages of our pneumatic expansion shaft series. You are welcome to download our informative product sheets free of charge and without obligation. We are highly committed to being a reliable, transparent partner for our customers.



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Series A
For every eventuality
Light model series A

As the standard model series with individual expansion ledges, the A series expansion shafts can be used universally. The simple and ingenious design according to the modular construction principle guarantees a long service life and quick repairs if necessary.

Product data sheet
Series 403
Light power pack
Strong model series 403

With a low dead weight, these expansion shafts reveal high carrying capacity thanks to the use of solid materials such as steel and aluminium. The practical modular construction principle enables fast and uncomplicated repairs.

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L series
Special forms
Special forms, L series

The Vorwald L series expansion shafts with continuous expansion leaves are designed for several requirements as well as thin-walled cores in which deformation could cause problems. Special dimensions are possible on request.

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Series MB
Flexible use
Light model series MB

Thanks to their expanding, continuous ledges, the Vorwald MB series expansion shafts can be used for both wide and very narrow reels. Other advantages include their low dead weight and ease of handling.

Product data sheet
Series 409
Individual options
Strong model series 409

The type and number of the ledges that are used are selected for the specific customer according to the application. The Vorwald 409 series expansion shafts therefore offer high flexibility.

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Customized Solutions
Squared shafts
Squared shafts

Specially developed expansion shafts for clamping square cores with expansion ledges. So far as possible standard parts are utilised for replaceability.

Carrier shafts
Carrier shafts

Vorwald manufactures customised round or square profile carrier shafts for taking up pneumatic expanding couplings.

Customised surfaces
Customised surfaces

?All normal surface refinement processes can be carried out, such as hard chrome plating, chromating, nickel plating, anodising, hard coating, etc.

Customised shaft ends
Customised shaft ends

All customised shaft journals can be manufactured by Vorwald, as well as complete shafts with pressed-on bearing units, etc.

Winding shafts with rotary union
Winding shafts with rotary union

The optimal combination for ensuring high functional dependability by constant axial air supply.

Cantilivered shafts
with flange bearing unit FL

Cantilivered expansion shafts make a high degree of automation possible, in particular when the air inflation and deflation is implemented with a rotary union and 3/2-way valve. Also available with brake and web tension regulation.

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